Kid!lock AU where Moriarty and Sherlock hide behind their school building getting ready to prank poor John.


Please. Someone to make Kid!Lock a real TV show or a movie.


bees, my god, BEES. (FOR SCIENCEEEE)

yay more dumb comics lol


Sherlock: Carl Powers, John.

John: What is it?

Sherlock: It’s where I began.

Sherlock: 1989, young kid, champion swimmer, came up from Brighton for a school sports tournament, drowned in the pool. Tragic accident. You wouldn’t remember it. Why should you.

John: But you remember.

Sherlock: Yes.

John: Something fishy about it?

Sherlock: Nobody thought so. Nobody except me. I was only a kid myself. I read about it in the papers.

John: You started young, didn’t you?


things your friends will say if you’ve made a good pun:

  • get out
  • fuck you
  • shut the fuck up
  • oh my god why
  • you need to stop
  • you’re not funny
  • that was terrible


good old times

Mommy Holmes reading the Hobbit to kid Mycroft and Sherlock


either cut yer hair or tie it up, sherlock

"Don’t they teach you how to share at school?"

"We won’t both fit with your fat bottom hogging all the room."


Sherlock and Mycroft’s school disciplinary forms XD


[Good ol’ fashion “Show and Tell” for the Kid!Lock crew. Drawn for letsdrawsherlock's monthly challenge!]

Cursor Credit: 1DCursors